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Seasonings, Cures & Brines that will turn any Cook into a Gourmet Chef

The Hi Mountain range of cures, seasonings and cooking accessories provide you with the ability to make cured & seasoned meats that taste absolutely amazing. Have you always wondered how they get the flavour right inside the meat and create that intense smokey full flavour, and the meat is so succulent !

Now you can make Jerky, Sausages & Smoked meats in your own home and it is so easy with the Hi Mountain Jerky & Sausage seasonings and kits.

Hi Mountain Seasonings is a family owned business in Wyoming USA that has continued with the South West family traditions of Mountain men, cowboys & pioneers. Mountain men shared their recipes while out on the Oregon trails and relied on woods like Mesquite, Hickory and even Apple to flavour their meats as they dried by the open fire. As time went by the Chinese came to work in America and brought with them spices and flavourings that were added to the traditional recipes giving us the flavours that we love today.

Hi Mountain has successfully captured these Western flavours in the cures and seasonings for Jerky, Sausages, Meat rubs, Bacon cures and Fish & Game brines. They also have a range of gourmet Dips and Meat Marinades that will make your BBQ's the most memorable of the summer.

Fishermen, hunters and backyard chefs of America can no longer keep this secret to themselves and the products are now available in Australia.

For more information on the Hi Mtn product range please check out our online store.