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We have several items that are invaluable in the kitchen.

Sausage link filling gun - very handy for all filling jobs in your kitchen, cannelloni, custards, creams, filling the centre of anything and of course, making sausages.

Meat thermometers, analog, digital, dual probe and food authority approved units.

Jerky slicer and meat tenderiser, commercial size manual mixers and more.

  • Australian Made Kosher Sea Salt 10kg (Bucket)
    $49.95 Australian Made Kosher Sea Salt 10kg (Bucket)
    Made in Australia and certified Kosher by Australian Kosher - this Pure All Australian Kosher Salt is the salt of choice for professional chefs and home cooks. Professional meat processors prefer to use Kosher salt when...
  • Bacon or Rib Hanger - 8 Prong x 2
    $48.99 Bacon or Rib Hanger - 8 Prong x 2
    Stainless Steel 8 prong Bacon Hanger x 2 units Very handy way to get the most room in your smoker, you can also use them to hang Racks of Ribs. Very sharp prongs. High Quality. Made in...
  • Banquet Bag Channel Helper
    $5.00 Banquet Bag Channel Helper
    Channel Vacuum sealers require an embossed or ribbed vacuum bag to be able to pull a vacuum over the product prior to sealing. As the Banquet bags have a smooth interior a channel vacuum will not work without some...
  • Cedar Wood Grilling Planks (15 pack)
    $75.00 Cedar Wood Grilling Planks (15 pack)
    These all natural CEDAR wood planks allow seafood, meat, chicken and vegetables to roast slowly, basting in their own juices and create a subtle, smokey flavor. No fat or oil needs to be added as the moisture from the plank...
  • Heavy Duty Man Law GIANT Grill cleaning brush
    $35.00 Heavy Duty Man Law GIANT Grill cleaning brush
    No matter how big or small your BBQ or camping grill is you need a Heavy Duty cleaning brush to get the job done easy and right. This brush comes with a strong wooden 20" long handle with bottle opener on the...
  • Himalayan Salt Block
    $35.95 Himalayan Salt Slab - Cooking & Dry Aging
    There is a new craze in the USA for using these Himalayan salt slabs to grill on, like a frying pan. It imparts a great all natural flavour enhancer to your meats that really does change its profile. GRILLING This all...
  • Don't shine the laser in anyones eyes as it can cause damage.
    $99.00 IR - Infrared Laser Surface Digital Thermometer Gun
    Thermoworks are known for their quality products and this IR / High Accuracy Infrared Surface Thermometer Gun is no different. Simply point at the surface that you want to read the temperature of and pull the trigger to get...
  • Meat Tenderiser (1kg)  no msg
    $45.00 Meat Tenderiser (1kg) no msg
    Don't you hate it when you put a nice fleshy roast in the oven for a slow cook and in no time there is a puddle of juices in the bottom of the oven tray and the roast has shrunk down in size and your husband says "so where's...
  • A Brisket perfectly slow cooked in Peach Paper by Aaron Franklin
    $28.00 Peach Paper Cooking Bags / Aaron Franklin Inspired * 100 pack
    BACK IN STOCK !!!! JUST IN TIME FOR SUMMER Aaron Franklin is renowned in Texas USA as a grilling master and a champion at Low and Slow cooking on the grill. Many of us know that part of a big part of a great result with the...
  • This mesh is perfect to use under your Dry Aging Steak
    $0.25 Drying Mesh Teflon Coated Fibreglass SOLD BY THE CM
    PLEASE READ CAREFULLY This is a great product for drying your Jerky in your oven or smoker. Use it in your Pizza Oven, Oven, BBQ, Smoker, Dehydrator or Weber. Sold at 0.25c per cm (x 33cm).Eg, if you order 1cm, you will get...